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100 Things to Eat Before I Die

I am mad about lists. I make lists for pretty much anything and everything and this is just another one of them. HA! But this is a fun list and I think everyone should have one. A list of 100 things to eat before one dies … I think its fair to say that is something worth thinking about. I mean what would YOU want to eat before your mortal self expires? I’d love to hear from you readers out there (if any) on your thoughts, your experienes, even your suggestions on what I should try. You happen to be from a far flung foreign country with food so unique no one can pronounce it? Exellent! If you are from Africa, I want to hear from you; if you are from Canada, I want to hear from you; if you are from New England or South Carolina, I want to hear from you!! Same goes to folks in India, Pakistan, Romania …. Finland! I want to hear from you! Tell me what it is I need to try from your country. For this reason I am leaving about 40% of the list blank because I do not know what weird and wonderful food there is out there for me to sample. From time to time I will enter a full post on the individual food items on this list, sort of a personal review of it and perhaps even include a recipe at the end if I happen to get my hands on one.




Now coming up with this list wasn’t as easy as I thought. I mean, where do I start? And questions began to arise about whether or not I should include things ~ weird and unique things ~ from back home which I have obviously already sampled to the list as well, or do they not count? But they should, shouldn’t they? I mean if I was brought up in a different part of the globe then those yummy Malaysian and Chinese dishes would be a new food experience for me. DILEMA!! Uuugh … well I’m just going to go with the flow here and list out as many dishes and food items I would like to eat before I expire … but omit all the local food I have eaten as a child …. NO! Include them! Bah, even my thoughts are as disorganised as my daily life.




Personally I would classify myself as being rather “all over the shop” ~ at home, that is. Have never been overly methodical with anything, coz I always want to just go out and ‘DO IT’! Even with recipes I often have to restrain myself and take the time to read through the entire recipe before I start. My work as a nurse however requires me to be otherwise so lists and checkboxes are essential. To be honest I love lists with checkboxes …. gives me a sense of accomplishment when I mark something off. It would be ideal if my blog articles to come with checkboxes but I’m not a WordPress whizz so I will either have to do without or twist the boyfriend’s arm a little to get some I.T geek assistance. Its brilliant living with an I.T geek; it’s like having your very own helpdesk right here in your living room with no queues. Excellent!



Anyway, here is my preliminary list. I hope my dear readers would help give me suggestions for me to consider. Introduce me to the iconic foods of your country. Checkbox function to follow.



  1.  Uni (ウニ) — sea urchin
  2. Huevos Rancheros
  3. Crocodile
  4. Ma Po Toufu
  5. Churros
  6. Dan Dan Noodles
  7. Beggars Chicken
  8.  Île Flottante
  9. Beef carpaccio
  10. Scarmozza
  11. Toad in a Hole
  12. Jellyfish
  13. Tasso ham
  14. Pulled Pork
  15. Philly Cheese Steak
  16. Fried Mars bar
  17. Warm Apple Pie at an American diner
  18. Dolmades
  19. Southern Fried Chicken
  20. Xiaolongbao
  21. Welsh Rarebit
  22. Banoffee Pie
  23. Fresh figs
  24. Gozleme
  25. Fresh Turkish Delight / Turkish Floss
  26. Salade au Chèvre Chaud
  27. A Ploughman’s Lunch
  28. Pickled herrings
  29. Moroccan lamb tagine
  30. Kedgeree
  31. Mango kulfi
  32. Buttermilk biscuits, Sausage gravy and Grits
  33. Yaks milk cheese
  34. Grilled halloumi
  35. Pink Borscht
  36. Pheasant
  37. Beef Wellington
  38. Lamb Kofta
  39. Baba ganoush
  40. Amok fish
  41. Battered zucchini flowers
  42. Bobotie
  43. Truffles (the fungus …. not the chocolate)
  44. Haggis
  45. Reindeer
  46. Bison steak
  47. Bombe Alaska
  48. Crawdaddy
  49. Cassoulet
  50. Croque-Monsieur / -Madame
  51. Cold English Pork Pie
  52. Roti Bom
  53. Key Lime Pie
  54. Cold soba noodles
  55. Phở
  56. Vietnamese Rice-paper Rolls
  57. Boston Bun
  58. Bibimbap
  59. Stroopwafel
  60. Chicken Rice Balls
  61. Sachertorte (to be eaten in Vienna)
  62. Somlói galuska
  63. Flammekueche
  64. Berliner
  65. Raclette
  66. Fondue (to be eaten somewhere on a Swiss mountain range)
  67. Southern Fried Green Tomatoes with relish
  68. Pogácsa
  69. Žemlovka
  70. Lángos
  71. krémes
  72. Pálinka
  73. Hákarl (Fermented Icelandic shark meat)

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  1. kerry anne

    Bouillabaisse in marseilles
    Alsatian flammekueche

  2. kerry

    raspberry tart
    roti bom

  3. Claire Leona

    hahahaha @Kerry.. roti bom… havent had that in years!

  4. Fiona

    Nasi Lemak
    Toffee Sticky Pudding

    1. bubviv

      Thanks for the input, but i believe if you read the ‘About Me’ article you would notice that escargot comes under the “things I would never put in my mouth” category. 🙂 Just saying.

  5. Tamas Imrei

    Somlói galuska – but only at a really good place in Hungary

    1. bubviv

      Thanks for the input Tamas … if and when we visit Hungary I will keep a look out for this dessert. Looks YUMMY!

  6. Claire

    you really wanna eat a crocodile? like… goodluck catching it! *hides in bush waaaayyyyyyy at the back…

  7. Dionne

    Freaking reindeer?????!!! Seriously???

    1. bubviv

      Yes I think Rudolph and his posse might be tasty. Muahahaha.

  8. 848 curran st

    Frog sashimi

    1. bubviv

      Big ‘eeeeew’ ….!! I don’t even think they make such a thing, but thanks for your wild ideas. 🙂

  9. Viviaaaaaaaan

    Yeah they do.. Famous shop in tokyo

  10. Dionne

    any luck with the crocodile?

    1. bubviv

      Pffft … none hv swum up any of the Dutch canals so far.

  11. Imelda

    Hahaha… really love and enjoy your blog, Viv. Excellent way to be a legendary! 😉

    So here’s from Belgium :
    Boulets Liegeois
    Boudin blanc/noir
    Carbonnades a la flamande (must be cooked with belgian blond beer!)
    Steak tartare (raw beef steak, eaten with a raw egg)
    Chicon gratin

    From Indonesia :
    There’s just too many… it’ll be unfair to the rest of the food if I am to mention just a couple here.
    So just fly over and dip in!

    Enjoy. 😉

    1. bubviv

      Thanks very much for your personal input / food recommendation Imelda. Will be on the lookout when I am in Belgium next.

  12. JJ & Brioche

    Really, you’ve never had a nice raclette? Then we should do one at home some day! Next time I go to France,I’ll try to get some good cheese for it. (I miss the heat machine though… but I’ll find a solution!)
    Oh, and… You put Cassoulet twice 😉

    All your dessert look amazing! I’m supposed to be in a coocking group but now I feel ashamed of what I cook… I’ll think in sending you an invitation on the next time they come home!

    Bravo, tout ça a l’air DELICIEUX!

    1. bubviv

      I have never had raclette. We did see people having it when we were in Switzerland but it was too expensive at the restaurant. Thanks for letting me know about the ‘cassoulet’ error … it’s been fixed.

  13. marek

    few more things for your list:

    – bacon cheese turtleburger – the all american bomb =) http://goo.gl/9jdJS
    – ćevapi – bosnian brilliant minced-meat-in-greasy-“bread”-with-lots-of-onions http://goo.gl/4FWwm (first thing you will try when you come to croatia)
    – game gulaš from mountain kalnik – that’s where we are going when you come here =P
    – leskovački voz – serbian traditional eat-til-you-die lunch =D

    1. bubviv

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! I look forward to our first Croatia visit. I hope it will be this year! Thank you for all your suggestions Marek.

      1. marek

        see you soon! can’t wait!!!

  14. Priscilla

    sis! you can’t ask people for recommendations of exotic food and then say ewwwww! defeats the whole purpose of asking!!

    anyway, try grilled porcupine Vietnamese style. very yummy.

    or chocolate lava cake with blue cheese!!

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