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Feb 19

Christmas and New Year mash up : Ireland 2016

So, looks like 2016 has arrived and I have been missing from the blogoshpere for almost a year. Wow, where did time go? What have I been up to? Well in a pinch, I have been adjusting to new life in Ireland and to the new job, new house, pretty much new everything. Then the parents came for a visit and so it was a pretty packed few months to say the least. Here is a snippet of what we got up to during my hiatus. It’s good to be back tho.

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Jul 20

Chicken, Mushroom & Leek Casserole

Yupp, I did it … I have made a warming chicken, mushroom and leek casserole in the dead of summer, and I have no regrets. Welcome to Ireland, where we seem to have waltzed from spring directly into autumn this year.

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Jun 24

Croquette of Cod & Smoked Trout

Here is a great way to get your kids eating fish, and also a way to clean out your fridge of any leftover mashed potato in one fell swoop. These babies have all the characteristics of a fun snack to have at garden parties or simply just to eat whenever. Crispy and crunchie on the outside, yet moist and creamy on the inside… delicious!

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May 27

Lamb Kofta Curry

Welcome one and all to my very first food post from Ireland. Feeling very happy and in spite of the obvious startup hiccups here and there, we are settling in very nicely. Ireland is well known for their lamb so here I present a dish using 100% Irish lamb mince, using it to make this intensely flavourful Indian curry.

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May 27

Wales to Ireland in 15-hours.

Final day of travelling for us and it is going to be a loooong one. Another one of those long distance drives done in a single day. It will be the last part of my three part series documenting our journey across five countries to eventually end up in Ireland.

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May 17

Eating Round Cornwall.

As with all my travels, food plays a huge role and I always make it a point to sample the local specialties. Here we were in Cornwall for about three weeks and it gave us a nice time frame to sample a wide variety of things … all of them good eats, from the local pub meals to chippy fare. I even ate some tinned stuff from the supermarket … yeah, it’s that kinda holiday.

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May 12

Cornwall for now (Part II)

Welcome back to Part II of my Cornish adventures. It is now week two and we are still feeling pretty lucky to be visiting this part of the British isles. This week sees us taking in more of the sights along the coast to the south and north of Perranporth, and a couple of sights inland towards Truro and county Devon. Have been indulging in cheap (but gooooood!) eats, and this week also sees me and R. going a bit mental in TESCO like we never dreamed we would. Ahhh … the joys of moving back to good ‘ol Anglo-Saxon creature comforts.

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May 01

Cornwall for now (Part I)

So R. and I are off on another trip, this time to the southwest of England. This trip is only the first half of our real destination, which is Ireland. Three weeks of R&R and then life will start to get serious again, so we better make the most of this one. Am writing this article now as I sit in our rented house on the coast facing the Celtic sea, facing Ireland … our new home.

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Apr 27

Swedish Meatballs in Cream Sauce

Everybody loves those Swedish meatballs they serve up in IKEA stores … c’mon, admit it! Yummy meatballs smothered in their signature brown gravy … mmm! But what to do if you don’t live near an IKEA or cannot be bothered queuing up for a plate of these delectable treats? Well, make them yourself of course. I did, and they came out really well.

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Apr 18

Mughlai Chicken & Jeera Rice

Chicken Mughlai is yet another famous dish bourne out of the royal kitchens of the great emperors of northern India. It is a beautiful dish of tender chicken cooked in a rich, creamy nut gravy. With it I am serving jeera rice … a wonderfully fragrant rice dish made by adding toasted cumin seeds, onions and coriander.

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