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Oct 30

Journey to the East : 20 hrs in the air.

The day had finally arrived and we were officially away to South Korea for the very first time. Put the dog into doggie creche and went home to pack and prepare for what would be a very very looooong journey ahead. I was stoked and barely slept the night before, but R was dreading it. Here is how everything panned out. Still no BTS tickets tho.

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Oct 13

Seoul Searching in the Korean Republic

This all started 3 months ago with a certain K-pop boy band, and then everything spiraled out of control. Before I knew it we were heading to South Korea. #BTSmademedoit
However, we didn’t get any tickets to their final concert but we are still going. Excited because I have heard so many amazing things about Seoul city and secondly, this will be our first official Asian trip together.

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Dec 18

Port and Sweet Mustard Glazed Ham

I was asked to cater for the office Christmas party and I came up with a list of foods, one of which was this amazing glazed ham with port and sweet mustard. Took me a while but I got there in the end. Happy days, I learned a lot and the results were very encouraging.

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Aug 19

Cucur Udang : Malaysian Prawn Fritters

Cucur udang is a Malaysian teatime treat; an oldie but a goodie. Cucur udang translates to prawn dough balls (I guess), and it is eaten dipped in either sweet chilli sauce or a savoury peanut sauce. This yummy morsel is usually eaten in the late afternoon as a teatime snack along with lots of hot, frothy milk tea. Delicious.

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Apr 22

EVE Fanfest 2017 – Iceland with Team Pizza

Our second visit to Iceland for CCP’s annual EVE Online Fanfest 2017. We return with more members of Team Pizza of Wormhole Space following our very successful first meet up in America the year before. We return to Iceland to find the place just as majestic and mysterious but ever more expensive to finance. Still had a good time tho.

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Mar 20

Alaska – a wedding and an adventure out in the wild frontier.

ALASKA – the last frontier, the jewel of the north, the largest and the most sparsely inhabited US state … and I am going there this spring/summer. Why? Coz someone is getting married and I have been graciously asked to attend (woohoo!) and I said YES. All up we are spending a total of 14-days on this trip and I think it’s going to leave me a little broke but the experience we will get out of it will be priceless. Not many people get the chance or the opportunity to visit this land of mystery and grandeur so I am going to make the most of it.

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Mar 01

Semlor : Swedish Cardamom Buns

‘Tis the season, or so I am told by my Swedish friends, to get your hands on these wonderfully aromatic and creamy buns – Semla. However, since I don’t live in Sweden or any of the other Scandinavian countries I will have to make mine from scratch. Semla is made with an enriched bread dough scented with cardamom and vanilla. Then it is traditionally filled with almond paste and topped with a generous amount of freshly whipped cream. Then dusted with icing sugar, of course. You can eat it as is or you can take it one step further and eat it from a bowl with warm milk poured all over. Omg, if that isn’t the definition of comfort food, I don’t know what is!

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Dec 10

Madrid, Spain : I snuck in on this one.

For all the years I have lived in Europe I have never been to Spain – too busy travelling in France over and over and over again. But this time I had the opportunity to follow the boyfriend on a business trip so I kinda snuck in on this one … heheh. I was not expecting much as I knew he would be busy attending sessions at the convention centre and I would probably spend a lot of time on my own but I was fine with that. Exploring a city like Madrid is easy as they have a very good metro network.

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Aug 15

Salmon en Croute with Creamed Spinach & Parmesan

Delightfully simple way to enjoy more fish in your diet. This easy salmon recipe sees lovely fillets wrapped in golden puff pastry with a ooey-gooey filling of marscapone and parmesan cheese and spinach. The fish is gently steamed within the pastry to give it that succulent tender flakes and the creamy filling keeps everything moist.

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Apr 24

Banana Nut Mini Cheesecakes

Made these scrummy mini banana nut cheesecakes to test out my new Baker’s Pride loose-bottomed tin and they turned out great. The boyfriend will now have the honour of carting the lot to the office tomorrow and we will see how they are received by this co-workers. The pan itself was a delight to use and it produced a very even bake. Pleased with purchase. God bless Amazon.

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