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Apr 24

Banana Nut Mini Cheesecakes

Made these scrummy mini banana nut cheesecakes to test out my new Baker’s Pride loose-bottomed tin and they turned out great. The boyfriend will now have the honour of carting the lot to the office tomorrow and we will see how they are received by this co-workers. The pan itself was a delight to use and it produced a very even bake. Pleased with purchase. God bless Amazon.

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Apr 17

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Tart

Back from Iceland, moved into new apartment and then I baked this. I have never baked a chocolate cheesecake before but then I thought “how hard can it be, right?” Standard cheesecake method, just add melted chocolate. Sorted. Haha. Anyway, this cheesecake tart is divine and all I am saying is you should make it too.

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Feb 25

Cannelloni al forno

Mmmm … pasta, I love it. Simple, versatile and it fills you up. Functional and economical, yes, but that doesn’t mean you sacrifice flavour. Pasta served with butter is just as satisfying. Today I am making one of my favourite baked pasta dishes which is also vegetarian friendly – stuffed cannelloni with a ricotta and spinach filling. I have made this many times in the past and it never disappoints … so I am putting this up on the blog in the hope that you try it as well.

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Feb 24

Spiced Vanilla Flan & Brandied Sultanas

I saw this recipe by accident one day while randomly flipping the pages of an Italian cookbook somewhere in Co Roscommin. The idea was to recreate the look but with a flavour variation, in this instance I made mine a spiced vanilla version with some punchy sultanas that have been steeped in brandy and golden syrup for over a week.

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Feb 17

Beef Stroganoff

Winter has come and gone. We now wait in anticipation for spring to show its lovely face, bringing with it rays of much needed sunshine and crisp morning air. The chills still linger on however, so one must still nourish the soul with creamy comforts whenever one is able to indulge. This is my first time making Beef Stroganoff and it came out amazing. Super easy, super tasty.

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Dec 10

Creamy Spinach and Shrimp Fettuccine

I always preferred pasta in cream sauces to those made with red sauce. Lots of garlic and a splash of cream makes for a lovely bowl of comfort on a cold winters day … just don’t forget the grated cheese and smokey bacon bits as well. Mmm, so good! This dish is pretty simple to make and will be done in about 30-mins from start to finish.

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Dec 01

Clementine Baked Cheesecake.

Christmas is once again upon us … my favourite time of year. ‘Tis the season for cookies and crackers, of puddings and Christmas presents. However, for some the thought of sitting down to Christmas dinner with the prospect of having traditional pudding for afters is not such a holiday treat. Here is an alternative that will please all those fussy festive diners.

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Oct 08

Chocolate Biscotti Mousse

Wow, my first trip to the USA and I actually had time to make dessert and feature a new blog post – that’s never happened before. Well the month long holiday has well and truly come to an end. We have packed up and left New York and arrived home today. It is approximately 3 am and I am wide awake after having slept significantly in the afternoon. So screwed. Write blog post. Enjoy.

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Sep 27

Team Pizza Weekend – USA 2016

The round up of a very epic weekend in Kenosha at a gorgeous lakeside property on the shores of Lake Michigan. This would be our 4th EVE event and this time it is to meet up with all the American gamers – none of the Canadians made it, which is unfortunate. But we still had an awesome weekend and I would do it all over again if I could.

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Aug 14

Lemon Blueberry Streusel Cake

Been meaning to do this for a while now, one of those tray-bakes that end up being cut into delightful squares and stacked on top of each other. Tray-bakes are also fun and easy to do, with a million varieties just waiting to be explored. Today I made my first which was meant for a tea party I was meant to attend.

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