Oct 20

Fig, Gorgonzola & Honey Thyme Toasts



Time to return to some semblence of seasonal normalcy and ditch the tropical flavours entirely. This is not to say that I have completely ditched my no-bake cheesecake obsession; not yet anyway. Today however I intend on sharing a wonderful appetizer that can be put together in the jiffiest of jiffs. I have been meaning to make something like this for a while now but I never seem to come across lovely fresh figs very often. Today was the exception ~ a punnet of four gorgeous figs with my name on it. They were ripe and perfectly plump without a single blemish. I all but cradled them home in my arms, not wanting them to get squished in my wicker basket by the rest of my groceries.



Today was a remarkably sunny day (by Dutch standards). Blue skies up ahead and a warm gentle breeze wisped through the trees, shaking off ever more falling leaves. I love autumn! I came home and I immediately put this scrummy dish together to take advantage of the lovely soft light coming through the windows. This has got to be my best photography result to date. Am so pleased with how the photos turned out, even if I do say so myself. Am new to the whole dSLR food photography business; my sister only just got me the camera a few months ago and I am still finding my footing.



Anyway, back to the dish at hand … first you get yourself a nice multigrain loaf and cut very thin slices. Place on a baking tray and grill until crisp. No bread? Not a problem. In my case I used a wonderful wholegrain cracker board to produce the same dish, which worked out just as well. Ideally I would have prefered toasted bread tho.






Now take some gorgonzola (or any of your favourite blue vein) and crumble it onto the toasts. I used a traditional Danish blue which packed a whalloping punch with the first bite. Boy, this cheese had some big flavours, I can tell you that. If pungent blue is not something you or your guests are prepared to deal with then opt for a milder version like a mixed blend of gorgonzola + marscapone instead.



Slice your figs into rounds with a very sharp knife. Figs are very delicate fruit so be sure not to bruise them while cutting. Lay these nectary slices on top of the cheese and then crumble some more cheese on top for the figs. Now at this point you can do one of two things : a) you can proceed to dress your toasts with fresh thyme and a drizzle of honey-thyme dressing, or b) whack them under the broiler for a couple of minutes to melt the cheese and brown the edges of the figs a little.



Grind some freshly ground black pepper, and drizzle the honey-thyme dressing. I used a pre-made dressing from the store but you can make your own by crushing some fresh thyme leaves into a squeeze bottle and mixing this with some honey + golden syrup, and let it sit overnight to infuse.



Finish off with some fresh thyme sprigs for presentation and you are all set with a seemingly “posh nosh” to wow your dinner guests with. I would suggest two slices per person would be ample coz it is quite rich … depending of course on how much cheese you put on the toasts.







Ingredients :


  • 8 slices multigrain loaf or cracker boards
  • 150 g Gorgonzola
  • 2 fresh figs
  • 4 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp golden syrup
  • Bunch of fresh thyme



1. Slice bread loaf thinly. Place slices under a hot grill to toast until golden and crispy.


2. Crumble the cheese onto each slice of toast.


3. Slice figs into rounds and place on top of crumbled cheese. At this point you may want to leave it at that or you can return the toasts to the grill and melt the cheese for about 2 – 3 minutes.


4. Dress the toasts with fresh thyme leaves and drizzle on the honey and thyme just before serving.You may want to add a couple of twists of ground black pepper to taste.


5. To make your dressing combine the honey, golden syrup and crushed thyme leaves in a squeeze bottle and let it sit overnight to infuse.







This really does make a nice starter to a meal. You can even turn it into an accompaniment for a rocket and pinenut salad. I hope you try it out and let me know how you go. And until next time ….




~ ENJOY!! ~





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