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Warm Potato & Sausage Breakfast Plate



Warm Potato & Sausage Breakfast Plate0



This is officially the last post for the year. It’s been a beautiful new year’s eve so far … gorgeous weather, beautiful blue skies and many many things to be truly thankful for. We started the day fairly early with a long doggie walk around our neighbourhood, then walked to the shops to pick up freshly baked baguettes and to lay in a few supplies for the next few days (when shops are all closed).


I have to admit 2014 was a shit year for us and I rather forget it ever happened, to be honest. No happy memories there. But suddenly that all changed just a couple of days before Christmas and now we are all deliriously happy again, hence the very happy new year celebrations ~ we are moving to IRELAND!!! Fabulous news for us as a family coz we have always wanted to move there ever since our visit last January for R’s birthday. New year, new life, new job and all the rest of it. Once visas come thru we are packing up the last bits of our personal belongings and taking a bit of a road trip to Dublin (coz we don’t want to put our dog on a plane). We’ll drive across to UK via the Chunnel and visit friends along the way; R has a couple of EVE online pals he wants to meet. Then across to Liverpool to catch our connecting ferry to Dublin. So excited, so much to look forward to.



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The dog almost died last year and had to have emergency surgery on his gut. Then 2 months later he was thought to have cancer and underwent another bout of surgery ~ the medical team told us to prepare for the worst. I was already shopping online for the perfect doggie urn to put his ashes in. Turned out to not be cancer after all and today he is a healthy, bouncy doggie who will be coming with us to our new home in Ireland. I don’t know what I would do without his furry face.


R. got offered a new job right in the centre of Dublin which starts as soon as we get there. My job would be to get the house ready and to prep our new rental property, settle the dog in … etc. Due to this good news, we felt we had cause to celebrate, like a REAL cause to celebrate so we bought champagne and invited R’s friend round for a roast dinner … lamb, of course. Happy dayz.


Post roast dinner we had lots of extra roast potatoes, and since I am of the belief that nothing should be wasted (cold potatoes are super versatile) and I was pretty hungover from the night before, I decided to sit down to a hearty breakfast the next day. Mmmm, so I warmed up the potatoes in a low oven, and fried up some spicy beef sausages. Would have been nice if I also had bacon bits on hand but just the beef sausages themselves were flavourful enough. I think they had a hint of Spanish paprika in them.


But breakfast would hardly be complete without eggs being involved, am I right? So I went a bit further and boiled me an egg, being sure to keep the yolk semi runny (I don’t like oozy yolks that run everywhere). Plop that on top of the sausages and potatoes and I was a happy camper, ready to face 2015 head on with a new positive outlook. HURRAH!




~ Enjoy! ~


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