Jun 24

Candelabra Cake Topper



Cake Topper_Candelabra



Oooooh … I am simply OVER THE MOON with this one!! I walked into my local home decor store whilst out shopping for the days groceries (… as you do) and I totally stumbled upon these super cute plastic candelabras in the ‘Summer BBQ Party’ section. How adoreable!




Obviously, there was no way I was walking out of this store without picking one up. I didn’t even look at the price tag. *Gulp!*  It is something I do when I know I want something so bad regardless of the price. I reserve the right to shock myself at the checkout counter … and again at home when I review the receipt. I walked off with a white one, then wandered off in search of birthday candles for a cake I am currently working on for the weekend. However, my mind was soooo not on candles. Curiously, I found myself passing by the same aisle and, as tho in an out of body experience, found myself reaching for a second and third packet. Okay, it wasn’t all that dramatic; I was fully aware of what I was doing. It’s just easier to justify my impulse buying if it was an out of body experience. R. never falls for it tho no matter how much I cross my heart.




Cake Topper_Candelabra2




These cute things are made out of acrylic and measure about 3.5 inches across x 3.5 inches tall. The base has a convenient spike for sticking into your cake so everything stays nice and upright. There are nine cups for holding nine standard birthday candles and the entire candelabra can be separated into two parts ~ the upper and lower portion. So in effect you can opt for a low key candle holder or a fuller one.



Cake Topper_Candelabra1




The other thing I did when I got home was to check how much these things were being sold online for. As I expected, they were all hideously expensive, ranging anywhere from € 7 –  € 37 a pop! Jeeezz. I won’t say how much I bought mine for but it sure as heck wasn’t anywhere near € 7 a piece.




Cannot wait to use this on an actual cake!






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