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Zesty Orange Biscotti with Almonds & Sultanas



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It would seem that once my baking mojo is on it does not know how to switch off. I have been baking like a maniac this past week and I simply cannot keep up with the posts I then have to write. There comes a point in time where I feel like I don’t have as much to say anymore as opposed to the sheer number of things I bake. Lately I have been baking almost every day! Ever since the gaming PC blew up I have nothing else to occupy my free time with … missing all my online gaming buddies terribly … so now I spend most of my time either in the kitchen making food or I am online reading about food.


Last week I busied myself with traditional Indian sweets in preparation for Diwali, the sacred festival of lights. I managed to make one sugary treat, the Basbousa with Honey and Orange Blossom Syrup, but failed at making others. I attempted to make almond barfi and that was a royal fail … haha. Not making another attempt yet because I have broken the shopping budget this week by buying so many nuts to make these Indian sweets. I am also more than a little frustrated at my failures, so I have chosen to give it a rest … move on to something less complex and that should boost morale.


Had some leftover almonds, one orange sitting in the fruit basket and I managed to scrounge for some raisins long forgotten at the back of a box of cereal in the pantry. Initially I was aiming to make chocolate biscotti but I didn’t even have cocoa powder anymore, hence orange it is. I used whole blanched almonds in this recipe, and to finish everything off I drizzled melted white chocolate over each biscotti. YUM! Everything tastes better when chocolate is added to the mix, don’t they?





Zesty Orange, Almond & Sultana Biscotti


2½ cups all purpose flour

½ cup sugar

1½ tsp baking powder

½ cup blanched almonds

½  cup sultanas

3 whole eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

zest from one whole orange

juice from half an orange



I never knew making biscotti was this easy. Apparently all you do is dump everything into a mixing bowl and voila, you have a sort of cookie dough. Turn it out onto the work bench and knead it gently until everything comes together neatly and isn’t sticky.


Roll into a log shape, place it on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake in a preheated oven at 160°C for 30 mins. Then remove from oven.


At this point the dough is still fairly soft and cutable. Use a large knife to cut the dough into slices and place them back on the tray to bake until they become crisp but not overly coloured. Use a nice gentle heat and a low rack. A low temp does mean a longer cooking time however so be patient. Low means 120 – 130°C for the final bake to dry them out … roughly a further 30 – 60 mins depending on how thick you cut your slices.


Once they are done cool them completely on a wire rack then dress them up with melted white chocolate.



Biscotti_Orange Almond Sultanas7



Biscotti_Orange-Almond-Sultanas3 (640x426)

Amazing. Guilt free biscuits coz they contain no butter, haha. The boyfriend won’t eat them since there are raisins in this recipe so I guess MORE FOR ME!


I feel that this recipe has the potential of being manipulated in a hundred different ways to make other wonderful biscotti flavours and those ideas are already running through my head as I type.


Biscotti_Orange-Almond-Sultanas2 (640x426)


These biscuits will keep for a good week or so (if you can resist the urge to eat them) stored in an air tight container. Come Christmas I think I will be making a batch or two of these goodies to have on the coffee table, next to the gingerbread cookies. So festive.



~ Enjoy! ~


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